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Moderate Thoughts Research Center (MTRC) illuminates the path of moderation, understanding, and positive change. Through profound analysis, we uncover insights on moderation, societal harmony, and sustainability. Our inclusive dialogue and evidence-based solutions empower individuals, communities, and organizations. Join us in forging a future where balance and meaningful transformation prevail.

Who We Are

The world we live in is full of extremes. Polarization is on the rise, and we are often left with a choice to pick one of the two extremes. However, what if we can have the best of both worlds? Most of us don’t want to take extreme position and maintain a balance in our lives. If you belong this majority, you are on the right place at right time. Team Moderate Thoughts has been striving to build a moderate world for a decade. In order to build a moderate world, we have been doing our best to shut the doors that open an extremist world to people.
Our flagship projects are Support to Protect (S2P), Plant A Seed (PAS), Free Domestic Energy Consultancy (FDEC) and Moderate Thoughts Journal (MTJ). If you want to contribute to building a
moderate world, feel free to join with us. Let’s us end extremism together. Let’s play our good part.

What We Do

At Moderate Thoughts, our mission is to foster a world that embraces moderation, understanding, and positive change. We are committed to promoting balanced perspectives, bridging divides, and challenging extreme ideologies. Through rigorous research, insightful analysis, and open dialogue, we strive to cultivate an inclusive society where diverse voices are heard, respected, and valued.

As a research center, we delve into a wide range of topics including social dynamics, cultural studies, political ideologies, and environmental sustainability. Our dedicated team of experts conducts in-depth analysis and generates valuable insights that shed light on the benefits of moderation in various aspects of life. We aim to inspire individuals, communities, and organizations to adopt a moderate approach, fostering harmony, cooperation, and progress.

Through thought-provoking publications, interactive workshops, and engaging events, we provide platforms for meaningful discussions and knowledge-sharing. We collaborate with like-minded organizations and individuals to create a collective impact that transcends boundaries and promotes a more balanced and inclusive society.

At Moderate Thoughts, we believe that moderation is not about compromising values or diluting principles, but rather finding common ground, respecting diverse perspectives, and seeking sustainable solutions. Join us in embracing moderation and being part of a transformative movement towards a brighter future.