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Pakistan: An Energy-starved Country & Measures of its Satiation

Pakistan: An Energy-starved Country & Measures of its Satiation

We are unique in relating to things; earthquakes make us relate with the wrath of God, the month of Ramadan is interchangeable with price-hikes, and we have Summer to talk day and night about hours-long load-shedding (People in the other countries go for vacations in Summer).

Be it spiritual energy or the energy which we utilize to satiate our materialistic needs e.g. electricity, Pakistan’s energy crises seem never come to an end (albeit one finds many so-called spiritual powerhouses in every few miles – pun intended). But we’ll focus on the former type of energy crises. According to Business Insider, Pakistan has faced a humongous shortfall of 23% YoY in April 2023. At the time of its inception, Pakistan has rarely produced surplus power to make ends meet without falling in the vicious cycle of circular debt. The colossal gap between power generation from imported fuels (i.e. around 64%) and renewables (i.e. around 5% which is as tiny as the speck of dust) tells the story of country’s out-of-the-world priorities.

The power generation sector in Pakistan has so many issues interwoven in its root that it can remind one Rashid’s epic poem Samundar Ki Teh Main (In Depth of the Sea). From ghost-consumption to unpaid billing and from outmoded transmissions and associated power losses to unbridled tariff, the problems seems unresolvable. As per the report presented to the Standing Committee of NA, around 900bn PKR worth of electricity has vanished from the national grid comprising theft and power losses in FY 2022-23 and one can imagine that it will only increase in the next FY, for the country has never established a precedence to bridle anything that goes sky-rocket; once the price increases, it will never go down. Period.

Enough of facts and figures. What must be done? What is the way out? What about a national consensus to get rid of energy deficit through sustainable development once and for all? These are the question of immense importance and governments should make them the part of its breakfast. It should make renewable sources like solar energy affordable to the common and drive its power generation policies renewable-oriented. Pakistan has huge space for renewable energy production resources and capacity and all it needs is a sincere attitude to turn to 60% of its energy production through renewables. Also, there is a lot to be done in renewable when it comes to its regularization. Net-metering facility should be improved and fast-tracked. Local manufacturing of PV modules should be promoted and incentivized. Same measures should be taken for wind, geothermal, and biogas energy.

There must be a cut-off point to anything continuously disturbing and as a nation we should held government accountable. How? Even by writing an article. For the matters of basic necessities, one must not imagine Sisyphus happy.

Sufyan Bilal

Sufyan Bilal

Mechanical Engineer working in Power Generation (Gen-set & Solar), willing wholeheartedly to contribute for sustainable development in Energy sector.


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